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Engine Housing

Engine Housing

Assembly Drawing

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Assembly Parts List

Using the image on the left, select which parts are required. The numbers on the image match up with the below.

Image Ref. Model Name Price Options
1 (inc 2-10)ST11300203002Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Engine Housing 1130 020 3033£69.99 Add
2ST11201625200Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Engine Housing Pin 1120 162 5200£3.75 Add
3ST11231625200Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Engine Housing Pin 1123 162 5200£3.99 Add
4ST11231625205Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Engine Housing Pin 1123 162 5205£4.25 Add
5ST11236642400Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Engine Housing Collar 1123 664 2400£3.75 Add
6ST11211226600Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Engine Housing Collar 1123 664 2400£3.75 Add
10ST11236403200Stihl MS170 Oil Pump Assembly ST11236403200 Genuine Replacement Part£25.99 Add
11 (inc 12-14 &16)ST11236404400Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Oil Tank Assembly 1123 640 4400£19.99 Add
12ST00003591241Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Oil Tank Seal 0000 359 1241£2.99 Add
13ST11306479400Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Oil Tank Hose 1130 647 9400£6.49 Add
14ST11236403800Stihl MS200 Oil Tank Pick Up Body Fits MS201 ST1123 640 3800 Genuine Replacement Part£5.99 Add
15 (inc 16 & 17) - Now ObsoleteST11303500410Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Tank Assembly 1130 350 0410£19.99 Add
16ST07473136810Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Tank Valve 0747 313 6810£5.25 Add
17ST11303587701Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Tank Hose 1130 358 7701£8.75 Add
18ST00003503500Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Tank Filter 0000 350 3500£6.50 Add
19 (inc 20-22)ST11303500500Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Oil Filler Cap ST11303500500 Genuine Replacement Part£7.90 Add
20ST00003591240Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Cap Seal 0000 359 1240£3.25 Add
21ST00003500905Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Cap Rope 0000 350 0905£3.75 Add
22ST00003530605Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Cap Hook 0000 353 0605£3.75 Add