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Alko Perfect GT400 Duo Grasstrimmer Spool & Line

Alko Perfect GT400 Duo Grasstrimmer Spool & Line

This is a high quality aftermarket replacement part, these parts are made to a very high standard and are an exact fit replacement for the original manufacturers part

Quality replacement spool & line fits grass trimmers listed

  • Alko Models Perfect GT400 Duo.
  • B&Q Models PP500.
  • Bahr Models Red RT425A, RT450, RT520-30D.
  • CMI Models CMI 45RT, CMI 50RT
  • Diana Models 425RT, 450RT, 475RT, 525RT, RT875, 7080RT, 782.
  • E-Flor Models RT2945D
  • EDE Models RT2945D
  • Farm & Garten Models XT400
  • Fleurelle Models FET5230, RTD23, RTD29
  • Gardol Models RTA2212, RTA2218, GRTA2230 Akku, GRTA18Li Akku, GTA1820Li.
  • Grüne Welle Models RT431.
  • Gutbro Models FE24/25, FE24/45.
  • Hitachi Models FCG30SA.
  • Hurricane Models HRT4530.
  • Ikra Models 425, 429RTD, 4002D, 4005D, 7001D, 8001D, 8007D, FE24-45, Metro RTD29, Profi 200, Pofi 450, Profi 500, Professional 500, RT450, RT875, RT1530D, RT2000D, RT2007D, RT2009D, RT2010D, RT2107D, RT2110D, RT4002D, RT4002-Swingline, RT4005D, RT4907, RT 7001 DRD, RT9007D, RT9107D, RTD23, RTT29, Shark RT 40 CT, Shark RT 50 CT.
  • Klippo Models Trim 700.
  • Mariechen Models GT4002D
  • Marktkauf Models GT2522A, RT14.4 Akku & RT2522A
  • Mountfield Models RT450 & RT7001D.
  • MTD Models RT457.
  • Okay Models RT2909 TCT, RT3012 DTC, RT4002D, RT4005D, RT4007D.
  • Praktiker Models Fleurelle RTD23, Fleurelle RTD29.
  • Rasant Models RT429, RTD429.
  • Sabo Models 27-450W, 27-460W.
  • Stayer Models Cutty 29S
  • Stihl Models FSE41, FSE52.
  • Tesco Models Red 600, RT2110D.
  • Variolux Models 425 RT, 425T, 450 RTV, 475 RT, 700RTD, V-RT 700.
  • Viking Models TE400, TE410.

Size - 1.5mm trimmer line, 2 x 4m

Part number - OS5500

Replaces - PP500, 13001731, 13001751, SA16544, 16544, Spool D, 6235 710 4305

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  • Brand: Rocwood
  • Product Code: OS5500
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  • £9.99
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