B&Q PRO24ccBCA Spool Head Assembly Fits PRO24ccSGTA, PWR21ccSGTA

Out Of Stock B&Q PRO24ccBCA Spool Head Assembly Fits PRO24ccSGTA, PWR21ccSGTA

This is a high quality aftermarket replacement part, these parts are made to a very high standard and are an exact fit replacement for the original manufacturers part

Quality replacement spool head assembly fits grass trimmers listed

  • B&Q Models PRO24ccBCA, PRO24ccSGTA, PWR21ccSGTA, PWR25ccSBCA, PWR21ccGTA.
  • Champion Models M22, UT-20798, UT-20797.
  • Homebase Sovereign Models UT20798, SGT26 26cc. (Only fits the SGT26 with a 9.5mm shaft)
  • Homelite Models most Homelite trimmers using 2.0mm (.080”) line including B25C (UT-20768, UT-20770), BC2500AZ (UT-15201, UT-15202), BC2500MR (UT-15159R, UT-15204), BC3000 (UT-15099R), BC730SBR (UT-15113R), C300 (UT-20755, UT-20775), C1200 (UT-20809), D630CD (UT-20622), D725CD (UT-20696, UT-20714, UT-20739, UT-20761), D725CDE (UT-20695, UT-20713, UT-20773), D730CDV (UT-20620), D825CA (UT-20711, UT-20736), D825CDP (UT-20705), D825SB (UT-15152, UT-15160), D825SD (UT-20700, UT-20701, UT-20709, UT-20729, UT-20774, UT-20784), D830CA (UT-20642), D830CB (UT-15109, UT-15109-1), D830CD (UT-20622-A), D830SB (UT-15108, UT-15108-1), D830SBA (UT-15115), D830SD (UT-20621, UT-20700, UT-20701, UT20709, UT-20729), Easy Reach (UT-20699, UT-20703, UT-20704, UT-20730, UT-20737, UT-20738, UT-20777, UT-20778), Expand It (UT-20710, UT-20712, UT-20735), Expand It Plus (UT-20710), F2020 (UT-20788, UT-20789), F2040 (UT-20791), GST (UT-20593, UT-20593A), GST18 (UT-20593B, UT-20593C), HBC18 (UT-15075, UT-15075-1), UT-15075A, UT-15075C), HBC28 (UT-15096, UT-15097), HGT (UT-20583, UT-20583A, UT-20583B), HLT15 (UT-20602, UT-20602A, UT-20602B, UT-20602C, UT-20605A), HLT16 (UT-20585-1, UT-20585C, UT-20606A), HLT17C (UT-20586A, UT-20596A), HLT18 (UT-20584, UT-20584-1), HLT26EDN, HLT26CDSN, HLT26CDY, HLT26CDSY, K100 (UT-20742, UT-20764), K200 (UT-20750, UT-20781), K300 (UT-20743, UT-20751, UT-20783), LT10 (UT-33012), LT12 (UT-33013), LT1238G (UT-33021), LT1438H (UT-33022), MightyLite (UT21506), Power Trim (UT-20748, UT-20771), S825CDV (UT-20632, UT-20632A), ST145 (UT-20556, UT-20556A, UT-20556B, UT-20582), ST155CKD (UT-20744), ST175 (UT-20541), ST175BC, ST175C, ST185 (UT-15039B), ST2517CRG (UT-20819, UT-20820), ST2527 (UT-20691R, UT-20812, UT-20822), ST2537S (UT-20692R, UT-20734R, UT-20813, UT-20826, UT-20827), SX135 (UT-20601C), Trim’n Edge (UT-20024A, UT-20747, UT-20772, UT-20772A, UT-20779), Trimlite (UT-20004A, UT-20004B, UT-20677B, UT-20706, UT-20720, UT-20721, UT-20740, UT-20930, UT-20933), VersaTool (UT-15151, UT-15154, UT-15157, UT-20722, UT-20723), UT-20002, UT-20002A, UT-20003A, UT-20006, UT-20022, UT-20022A, UT-20023A, UT-20024B, UT-20044A, UT-20044B, UT-20046, UT-20590, UT-20594B, UT-20601A, UT-20680, UT-20680A, UT-20693, UT-20699, UT-20703, UT-20704, UT-20730, UT-20737, UT-20738, UT-20749, UT-20758, UT-20760, UT-20760A, UT-20769, UT-20769A, UT-20779, UT-20785, UT-20806, UT-20832, UT-20837, UT-41002, UT-70121, UT-70123, UT-70123A, UT-200024A, Z625CDV (UT-20631), Z825SD (UT-20619A).
  • JCB Models PLT25AF
  • John Deere Models UT20798
  • Performance Power Models PRO24ccBCA, PRO24ccSGTA, PWR21ccGTA, PWR21ccSGTA, PWR25ccSBCA.
  • Ryobi Models 100r, 125r, 130r, 135r, 305-RT, 306-RT, 364-1, 500, 500-1, 700r, 700R-1, 710r, 720r, 740r, 746R, 750r, 760r, 764r, 765r, 766r, 768r, 770r, 840r, 920r, 960r, 970r, CS26 (RY28020), CS30 (RY26500, RY30000, RY30000A, RY30021A), Expand It, IDC364, PLT2543, PLT2543Y, PLT3043A, PLT3043E, PLT3043ED, PLT3043YA, PLT3043YE, PLT3043YW, RBC254FC, RLT254FC, RLT30CD, RLT30CDN, RLT30CDNF, RLT30CES, RLT30CESD, RLT30CESF, RLT30CESN, RLT30CESNF, RLT30CET, RLT30SESF, RLT30SESN, RLT30SESNF, RLT6038EX, RPT2543C, RPT7011, RY15524, RY26500, RY26901, RY28000, RY30020A, RY30020B, RY30120, RY30130, RY30220, RY30220A, RY30220B, RY30524, RY30530, RY30923, RY34420, RY52001, RY52001A, RY52002, RY52002A, RY70101, RY70101A, RY70103, RY70103A, RY70111, RY70113.
  • Sovereign Models UT20798, SGT26 26cc
  • Stiga Most petrol trimmers with curved shaft.

Contains 1 x Housing, 1 x Spool & Line, 1 x Spool, Retaining Bolt, 1 x Spring.

Supplied with 5/16UNC x 1/2” right hand thread bolt

Part number - OS5007

Replaces - DA3001-A, DA98911B, UPO4408A, HL007, LTA001, LTA003, 5132000077, 1911-9009-0

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  • Brand: Rocwood
  • Product Code: OS5007
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