Einhell PEK1840 14" PowerSharp Bar Mount Sharpener & Guide Bar Fits EKS1840

Einhell PEK1840 14" PowerSharp Bar Mount Sharpener & Guide Bar Fits EKS1840

Suitable for the following Einhell Models of Chainsaws:

  • BG-EC2040
  • BG-PC3735
  • BG-PC4040
  • EK1535
  • EK1540
  • EKS1840
  • EKS2040P
  • KSE1435
  • KSE1640
  • KSE2000
  • KSE2040WK 
  • PEK1840
  • PES1540
  • PES1640
  • PES2000
  • PES30/2
  • PES34/2
  • PES34/3
  • PES35
  • PES35/2TS
  • PES35/3
  • PES/3TS
  • PES40/3
  • PKS1635
  • PKS1840
  • PKS2040WK
  • PKS35/1AV
  • PKS40/1AV
  • RBC4640
  • RBK3735
  • RBK4040
  • REK1840
  • REK2040WK

The bar-mount sharpener, a part of the PowerSharp precision saw chain sharpening system, is a simple-to-use, lightweight attachment that sharpens PowerSharp chain in seconds. Comes with a genuine PowerSharp guide bar.

IMPORTANT: Designed to be used only with the PowerSharp system.

Please note this kit is for the Bar and Sharpening Mount only you will require a PowerSharp chain and sharpening stone which can be bought separately - 14" 52 link chain and sharpening stone, part number PS52E

  • Bar-mount sharpener is small, lightweight, and portable.
  • Clamps easily to bar tip. 
  • Bar has alignment and latch pin holes, required for use with Power Sharp bar-mount sharpener.
  • Small-radius bar nose helps reduce kickback energies.
  • Slim symmetrical contour of bar is lightweight, manoeuvrable, and reversible for long life

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The Oregon® PowerSharp® Bar-Mount Chain Sharpening system lets you sharpen your chain anywhere in ju..
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Suitable for the following Einhell  Models of Chainsaw:BG-EC2040BG-PC3735BG-PC4040EK1535EK1540E..
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